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2022 Qualifying Fees

Polling Location Change - NSES and RECR

Drop Box Locations

Logic & and Accuracy Testing for General Runoff Election, 12-6-2022

Early Voting Locations and Schedule for General Runoff Election, 12-6-2022

Consolidation Notice for General Runoff Election, 12-6-22

Notice of Intent to Process Absentee Ballots Prior to Closing of Polls 12-6-2022

Early Tabulation of Absentee Ballots, 12-6-2022

Risk Limit Audit Notice, 12-6-2022







PO Box 945
Perry, GA 31069


2030 Kings Chapel
Perry, GA 31069
Phone:  (478) 987-1973
Fax: (478) 988-0699

The Board of Elections is responsible for conducting fair and impartial elections and registering citizens to vote. Elections and registration are conducted in accordance with the Georgia Election code, State Election Board Rules, Federal, and Local Laws. 

Sample Ballot 

To view Houston County November 2022 Sample Ballot, click here

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Board of Elections Office
2030 Kings Chapel Road, Perry
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m